ᚂᚅᚄ ᚆᚄᚏᚄ ᚅᚂᚃᚃ

T h e   O g h a m   C y c l e

Brian O’Doherty's (Patrick Ireland) One Here Now restoration project 2018-19, Sirius Arts Centre


In the stunning light-filled centre gallery of Sirius Arts Centre in Cobh, County Cork, Ireland, behind two layers of liner paper and twenty years of white emulsion, lies a very well-kept secret. One, Here, Now - the Ogham Cycle, is a nine-part series of spectacular floor-to-ceiling wall paintings by the eminent New York-based Irish artist Brian O’Doherty (formerly known as Patrick Ireland), that were made over twenty years ago and subsequently covered up and almost forgotten about, until now. This highly ambitious project proposes to restore these wonderful murals, build a programme of commissioned artworks and events from contemporary Irish and American artists around them, develop an education and public engagement programme during the restoration of the works and most importantly of all, preserve them for future generations.